Wild Earth Dog Food Net Worth 2023

You’re a discerning pet parent, always on the lookout for the best food for your furry friend. You’ve probably heard of Wild Earth, the innovative brand disrupting the dog food industry with their unique, protein-packed and eco-friendly offerings. But have you ever wondered about their financial story? How much is this trailblazing company actually worth? In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the net worth of Wild Earth dog food.

Intrigued by business stories, fascinated by financial growth trajectories or simply curious about how much your favorite pet food company has grown over time? You’re in luck! We’ll walk you through the captivating tale behind Wild Earth – from its humble beginnings to its current standing in the market. Alongside that, we will delve into their impressive product line and major partnerships that have helped shape their success story. So gear up to unravel an interesting blend of entrepreneurship and pet nutrition as we explore Wild Earth’s net worth.

The Story Behind the Brand

You’d be intrigued to know the inspiring story that brought Wild Earth dog food into existence, wouldn’t you? Well, here’s a tale of resilience and innovation. The company was founded by Ryan Bethencourt, Ron Shigeta, Abril Estrada, and Kristin Wuhrman in 2017. They were driven by their passion for dogs and dedication to creating a healthier alternative to traditional pet foods. Their mission was simple: create a product capable of nourishing our furry friends without harming the planet.

Their journey wasn’t easy. Facing immense challenges from an industry dominated by meat-based products, they remained steadfast in their vision. Through extensive scientific research and experimentation with plant-based proteins like koji – a fungus used in miso soup – they finally created their flagship product: a high-protein vegan dog food that not only meets but exceeds AAFCO standards for canine nutrition. This innovative approach has set them apart from other brands, showcasing how it’s possible to care for our pets while also caring for the environment.

Product Line Overview

Diving headfirst into their diverse product line, it’s apparent they’ve got a variety of scrumptious, nutrition-packed options for our four-legged pals. Wild Earth offers plant-based dog food that is not just healthy—packed with all the proteins, vitamins and minerals your furry friend needs—but also deliciously inviting. You’ll find three mouthwatering flavors: Peanut Butter, Banana & Cinnamon, and Strawberry & Beet. This isn’t your typical kibble; it’s created using a yeast-based protein that’s both sustainable and easily digestible. Plus, these tasty treats are free from any fillers or artificial additives.

But what sets Wild Earth apart from other brands? Their focus on sustainability and health-conscious choices! They’re all about providing high-quality products without resorting to harmful practices like factory farming. Besides their signature dog food, you’ll also find nutrient-dense dog treats in their product line-up. These aren’t just ordinary snacks; these are superfood-infused goodies crafted to keep your pup happy while supporting overall wellness. So when you choose Wild Earth’s offerings for your pooch, you’re choosing more than just food—you’re opting for wholesome nutrition that respects the planet too!

Financial Growth: A Timeline

Wild Earth Dog Food Net Worth
Wild Earth Dog Food Net Worth

Imagine the thrill of watching your investment grow as this company has done over the years, soaring above expectations with its innovative and sustainable products. Wild Earth dog food started small, but it didn’t take long for their unique approach to pet nutrition to catch on. This wasn’t just another dog food company; they had a novel idea – use fungi-based protein sources instead of traditional meat. The concept was a hit, garnering attention from not only environmentally conscious pet owners but also investors who saw potential in this sustainable business model.

The financial growth timeline of Wild Earth is impressive. They secured $11 million in Series A funding in 2019, proving that their unique product line had serious marketplace potential. In 2020, amidst a global pandemic when many businesses were struggling to survive, Wild Earth thrived and raised an additional $23 million in Series A1 funding. This company’s success isn’t just about numbers though–it represents a shift towards sustainability in the pet food industry and shows how innovation can lead to incredible results. So keep an eye on Wild Earth’s journey; it’s more than worth watching–it could be a masterclass in successful entrepreneurship!

Major Investments and Partnerships

There’s no denying the excitement that comes with the big leagues showing faith in a small company, and that’s exactly what happened when Wild Earth attracted some major investments and partnerships. The vegan dog food brand caught the attention of billionaire Mark Cuban, who saw potential in its innovative approach to pet nutrition. After appearing on “Shark Tank”in 2019, Wild Earth secured a whopping $550,000 investment from Cuban himself. Not only did this boost their financial standing significantly but it also raised their profile by leaps and bounds.

But Cuban isn’t the only one backing up this forward-thinking venture. Veginvest, VegInvest Trust, Mars Petcare’s Companion Fund, Stray Dog Capital, Founders Fund – all have put their money where their mouth is in support of Wild Earth’s mission to revolutionize pet nutrition through science. These high-profile investments not only validate Wild Earth’s business model but also reflect a growing trend toward plant-based diets for pets as a healthier alternative. So if you’re seeking mastery over your pet’s nutrition or aspiring to invest wisely like these industry giants- keep an eye on companies like Wild Earth!

Future Projections and Market Potential

Looking ahead, you can’t help but feel a sense of excitement about the incredible potential this market holds and how companies like these are poised to shape it. Wild Earth Dog Food, with its innovative approach to pet nutrition, stands on the precipice of what could be a significant transformation in the pet food industry. Their commitment to developing sustainable, plant-based products not only caters to a growing demand for healthier pet food options but also addresses wider concerns about environmental sustainability. This dual-purpose strategy positions them well for substantial growth in a market projected to reach $113.08 billion by 2025.

The future certainly looks promising for Wild Earth Dog Food as more and more consumers become aware of the benefits that plant-based diets can offer their pets. In addition, there’s an increasing trend of conscientious consumerism where people are actively seeking out ethically produced and eco-friendly products – something that Wild Earth is set up perfectly to cater to. What’s more intriguing is that they’re not just banking on trends; they’re backed by rigorous scientific research ensuring their products deliver on nutritional needs too. So when you combine these factors together, it becomes clear why there’s so much buzz around this company and its potential net worth in years to come.


As you’ve seen, Wild Earth dog food has a compelling story and an impressive growth timeline. With quality products and substantial investments, they’re proving their worth in the pet food industry.

Looking ahead, the brand’s market potential seems promising. Their mission to make sustainable and healthy pet food could revolutionize the industry. So keep an eye on this brand – it’s going places!

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